Hourly Fare
  Tariff Hatchback Sedan Innova/Tavera
Duration . Kms Rate Rate Rate
1hrs 15Kms Rs. 300/- Rs. 400/- Rs. 500/-
2hrs 20Kms Rs. 400/- Rs. 500/- Rs. 650/-
3hrs 30Kms Rs. 600/- Rs. 750/- Rs. 900/-
4hrs 40Kms Rs. 750/- Rs. 900/- Rs. 1100/-
5hrs 50Kms Rs. 900/- Rs. 1100/- Rs. 1400/-
6hrs 60Kms Rs. 1050/- Rs. 1350/- Rs.1650/-
8hrs 80Kms Rs. 1350/- Rs. 1700/- Rs. 2500/-
9hrs 90Kms Rs. 1500/- Rs. 1850/- Rs. 2700/-
10hrs 100Kms Rs. 1700/- Rs. 2000/- Rs. 2900/-
12hrs 120Kms Rs.1900/- Rs.2300/- Rs.3200/-
Extra Kms Rs.12/Kms Rs.15/Kms Rs.20/Kms
After 12Hrs Rs.100/Hr Rs.150/Hr Rs.200/Hr
     City to Airport * .
  Tariff Hatchback Sedan Innova/Tavera .
Duration . Kms Rate Rate Rate
-- 35Kms Rs. 700/- Rs. 800/- Rs. 1100/-
-- 40Kms Rs. 800/- Rs. 900/- Rs. 1300/-
Extra Kms Rs.12/Kms Rs.15/Kms Rs.20/Kms
     Airport to City *
  Tariff Hatchback Sedan Innova/Tavera .
Duration . Kms Rate Rate Rate
-- 35Kms Rs. 649/- Rs. 799/- Rs. 999/-
-- 40Kms Rs. 749/- Rs. 899/- Rs. 1099/-
Extra Kms Rs.12/Kms Rs.15/Kms Rs.20/Kms
     Aiport To & Fro *
  Tariff Hatchback Sedan Innova/Tavera
Duration . Kms Rate Rate Rate
-- 60Kms Rs. 1200/- Rs. 1300/- Rs. 1700/-
-- 80Kms Rs. 1300/- Rs. 1450/- Rs. 2300/-
Extra Kms Rs.12/Kms Rs.15/Kms Rs.20/Kms
     Outstation Cabs Package*
  Tariff Hatchback Sedan Innova
Plans Kms Rate Rate Rate
One way 100Kms min Rs. 20/KM- Rs. 22/KM- Rs. 28/KM-
Two way 250Kms min Rs. 11/KM- Rs. 12/KM- Rs. 17/KM-
-- 400 Driver Batta -- --
Extra Kms Rs.11/Kms Rs.12/Kms Rs.17/Kms

Outstation Estimated Fare

When booking an Outstation ride, you will see an estimated fare for your trip before you place a booking request. Just enter your destination city, hotel, or address to see the estimated fare.Estimated Fare excludes tolls, parking, permits and State Tax. This fare may change if you change your drop location during the ride or take a longer route.

  • City outskirts charges

    Far away from city,city outskirts charges will be applicable, Public transport hub fee (for location convenience) will be extra as applicable for pickups or drops at special zones in the city. Special zones may include railway stations, airports, bus stations, etc.

  • Cancellation fee

    Cancellation fee may be charged for rides cancelled in certain conditions. The fee and its application may vary according to the ride and region.

  • I have technical problem, who do I email?

    Yes, Call us @ 040-46464646 or mail us @ yellowcabshyd@gmail.com

  • Night Time Charge

    NightTime Charge may/ may not be applicable on standard fare. Please check rate card on your app once you’ve selected your pickup location.

  • 25% off for Senior citizens

    Senior citizens will get 25* off always.

  • Is Traveler free??

    Yes.1 free ride for all first time app users, T&C apply

Hourly Fare
  • 2Hours Waiting free in Airport for Airport Up&down Package
  • Airport Parking & Toll Tax to be Paid By Customer as per actual
  • Aiport Multiple location pickup or drop will be extra chargable (100/-).
  • Out Station Minimum 250 Kms Per day & Driver Beta 300/- Applicable & for Only Outstation Drop Service, Customer has to pay return fare charges.
  • Outstation Toll & Border taxes will be extra as per actual. Last update on 19/Nov/2022


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