Hourly Tariff--->Yellow Cabs offering indica Cabs start @Rs.99/- *
    Tariff Indica Cabs Verito/IndiGo Innova/Tavera
Type Duration Kms Rate Rate Rate
  0hr 10Kms Rs. 250/- Rs. 290/- Rs. 350/-.
  1hrs 15Kms Rs. 300/- Rs. 340/- Rs. 400/-
  2hrs 20Kms Rs. 400/- Rs. 450/- Rs. 600/-
Hourly Packages 3hrs 30Kms Rs. 550/- Rs. 700/- Rs. 900/-
  4hrs 40Kms Rs. 700/- Rs. 880/- Rs. 1200/-
  5hrs 50Kms Rs. 850/- Rs. 1050/- Rs. 1500/-
  6hrs 60Kms Rs. 990/- Rs. 1300/- Rs.1750/-
  7hrs 70Kms Rs. 1150/- Rs. 1450/- Rs.2000/-
  8hrs 80Kms Rs. 1350/- Rs. 1650/- Rs. 2450/-
  9hrs 90Kms Rs. 1550/- Rs. 1750/- Rs. 2600/-
  10hrs 100Kms Rs. 1700/- Rs. 1950/- Rs. 2750/-
  12hrs 120Kms Rs. 2000/- Rs.2400/- Rs.3000/-
Extra Kms Day/Night Rs.10/Kms Rs.12/Kms Rs.15/Kms
Extra Hr After 10Hrs Rs.100/Hr Rs.120/Hr Rs.150/Hr
     City to Airport Cabs in Hyderabad & Airport to City Package*
  A/C Indica A/C Sedan A/C Innova  
Duration Day/Night Amount Amount  
City to Airport * Plan-1 Rs.590/-30Kms Rs.690/-30Kms Rs.890/-30Kms  
City to Airport * Plan-2 Rs.650/-35Kms Rs.800/-35Kms Rs.900/-35Kms  
City to Airport * Plan-3 Rs.700/-40Kms Rs.890/-40Kms Rs.1000/-40Kms  
Airport to City Plan1 Rs.600/-35Kms. Rs.700/-35Kms. Rs.790/-35Kms.  
Airport to City Plan2 Rs.650/-40Kms. Rs.750/-40Kms. Rs.850/-40Kms.  
To & Fro * 4Hrs Rs.1100/-60Kms Rs.1200/-60Kms Rs.1600/-60Kms  
To & Fro * 5Hrs Rs.1200/-80Kms Rs.1300/-80Kms Rs.1800/-80Kms  
Extra Kms Rs. 10/Kms Rs.12/Kms Rs.15/Kms  
    OutStation Cabs Package*|Airport To Outstation Cabs in Hyderabad
  A/C Indica A/C Verito/IndiGo A/C Innova & Tavera  
Out Station Charges * Rs.2700/-300Kms Rs.3000/-300Kms Rs.3900/-300Kms for Calender Day
Extra Kms Rs.9/Kms Rs.10/Kms Rs.13/Kms  
     Terms & Conditions*
*2Hrs Waiting Free In Airport For Up & Down,*Airport Parking/Toll Tax to be Paid By Customer|updated on 30/JULY/2018
* Out Station minimum 300 kms per day (1Calender day),* Driver Batta : Rs.300/- per day,Parking/Toll gate extra